SV: [Samba] 3.0.14 and MacOs X (tiger)

Roland Carlsson roland at
Wed May 11 06:11:36 GMT 2005

Hi William!

I have done some more research and after getting my brain to work I have
made the following:

1) We updated our MS 2003 ADS to servicepack 1.
2) Servicepack 1 made a few changes in Kerberos.
3) We updated our samba-installation to 3.0.14 to keep up with the changes
in how our ADS handles Kerberos.
4) I upgraded to OSX 10.4 and added my computer to our domain, eg OSX uses
5) If I use smbclient and logs in with username and password everything
works correctly.
6) If I try to use Finder to browse the server Finder hangs and I have to
restart it.
7) Since we had to update samba on our fileserver my best guess is that
Apple also need to follow the changes in Kerberos that MS decided to do.
8) Our Microsoft products is going to fly burning from the highest tower we
can find if they keep on doing this kind of changes in the future.

(point 8 was perhaps not 100% serious) ...

Is there anyone who actually have a working ADS sp1 with OsX-computers in
the domain that can verify or trash my thinking?

Roland Carlsson

Den 05-05-10 14.52, skrev "William Enestvedt" <William.Enestvedt at>:

> Roland Carlsson asked about the Samba client functionality breaking
> after the upgrade to 10.4, to which I reply:
>    The 10.4 upgrade involved some significant changes to OS X (which I
> personally feel Apple hasn't explained enough). For example, many kernel
> APIs were changed, which broke most VPN client software.
>    Do the server logs show anything about these failed connections? Have
> you checked the Mac's console log? Did the Samba _server's_ name or IP
> address change? Are there cached network connection preferences (for
> example, the list of "favorites" that you see when you press Command-K)
> or credentials somewhere on your Mac?
>    Just thinking out loud, and planning for my own 10.4 upgrade!
> -wde
> --
> Will Enestvedt
> UNIX System Administrator
> Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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