[Samba] Browsing across networks

Craig Main satuxman at gmail.com
Tue May 10 14:12:56 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I have a openvpn setup between two Linux boxes. The internal networks
on each side are on seperate network ranges.

I can ping all boxes from either side, and if I search for a box using
it's ip address, I can see the box and access it's shares.

What I would like to do however is to be able to see the the pc's in
their workgroups (each subnet has it's own workgroup).

I have tried setting up each samba box as a wins server for it's own
workgroup, and then pointed the pc's on the other network to use it as
its wins server, this didn't seen to work either.

Can anyone help in this regard, what else should I do?


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