[Samba] Problem adding users from Windows using svrtool package

Ernesto Domato edomato at buenosaires.gov.ar
Mon May 9 19:04:57 GMT 2005

Hi everybody, I'm using a Samba 3.0.14a-1 on a stable Debian
installation (all the packages are downloaded from samba.org). Reading
the "Samba 3 How-To and Reference Guide", on Chapter 4, it says that you
can use srvtool.exe package to administer users and machine accounts but
it has some problems.

I'd configured my Samba server with the corresponding "add user script",
"delete user script", "add group script", "delete group script", "add
user to group script" and "add machine script" directives. I'd also
configured the "logon script", "logon path", "logon drive", "logon home"
directives and enabled "domain logons".

Ok, everything's fine to this point. The user are created "normally"
with the srvtool package but then, when I logon with the new created
user it doesn't run the logon script, it doesn't mount the user home and
it doesn't save the profile where it should.

After doing lot of test, I finally realize that the problem is this, if
I create the user using:

# pdbedit -a -u user

on the Linux box, it's created perfectly and everything works as
expected (I'm using tdbsam backend). But if I create the user with the
srvtool package, the user is created but it will have no "home
directory", no "home drive", no "logon script" and no "profile path".
For this reason it behaves the way I'd explained before.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or is an error on the
implementation for this feature, but the only solution that I can come
with at this moment to facilitate the administrator that will manage
useres is to create an easy interface when he logs on the Linux box to
create and delete users that use the pdbedit command.

Any advice?.

Thanks for all and excuse my english but it's not my native language.

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