[Samba] Strange Problem with Sharp PCL Printer Drivers

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 9 14:16:19 GMT 2005

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Thorsten Greeb wrote:

| We tried to investigate this by printing the raw data to
| a file and found this: When the printer is connected to a
| samba share the raw data stream generated by the sharp PCL
| driver contains some additional starting bytes with causes the
| printer to output nothing or garbage. We compared the raw
| data stream generated when connected to a Windows 2000
| share and found that these strange starting bytes where
| missing. Manually removing the bytes and sending the rest
| of the data stream to the printer gives us a fine printout.
| We notified the Sharp printer support but did not get
| any response so far.
| Is this a samba or printer driver problem?

My money would be on a driver bug.  I've seen instances where
drivers work with MS servers but fail on Samba boxes due to the
fact the the driver doesn't NULL terminate REG_SZ values.
The Windows server just happens to use a different buffer
size and zeros the memory before sending the reply.  Could
be something similar here.

cheers, jerry
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