[Samba] samba and domain local groups

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 9 12:55:19 GMT 2005

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Chris wrote:

| I am having the same problem.
| According to MS, the optimal way to do things is to
| add users to Global  Groups, add Globals to Domain
| Local Groups and apply permissions to Domain
| Local Groups.  (I do a 'getent groups' and
| it does not show in the list).
| Since my Domain Local Groups do not register, I
| cannot do this.  Is there  something I am missing?  I
| have read the book, and I don't recall seeing  anything
| in particular about this?

domain local groups are only shown by winbind
when enumerating groups in our domain and
using 'security = ads'.  Please note that we've fixed
a few other bugs when enforcing domain local groups
in the for the next stable release.

cheers, jerry
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