[Samba] sambaDomainName=DOMAIN for next free id

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon May 9 07:03:32 GMT 2005

man, 09.05.2005 kl. 05.51 skrev Geoff Scott:

> I'm following JHT's example doc off the web.  I just applied a patch for the
> confiure.pl script for the smbldap-tools that John gave me.  It now makes
> the sambaUnixIdPooldn object default to: cn=sambaDomainName=DOMAIN whereas
> the output of the configure.pl script given in Chapter 9 of the book is
> shown as: sambaDomainName=DOMAIN  

cn doesn't exist as an attribute in this objectClass. sambaDomain is the
objectClass, sambaDomainName and sambaSID are required attributes,
sambaNextRID, sambaNextGroupRID, sambaNextUserRID and
sambaAlgorithmicRidBase are allowedattributes.

> I now have the first version of the sambaUnixIdPooldn in my
> smbldap-tools.conf file but the second version of the sambaUnixIdPooldn in
> Ldap.  If I change what is in the conf file to match what is in ldap will
> this come back and bite me later?  I guess that it is more correct to have
> cn=sambaDomainName=DOMAIN. 
> But does it matter?

Yes it matters. However, LDAP shouldn't be accepting wrong input here. 


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