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taso ahg1 at aanet.com.au
Mon May 9 04:12:30 GMT 2005

Geoff Scott wrote:
> And you guys are volunteering?  The old man can't do it all by himself.  Why
> don't you guys have a crack at doing some of the docs yourselves?  Misty
> Stanley Jones has contributed a chapter, and she only started on this list
> 6/7 months ago....   It is possible to help as well as criticise.

No, it's not a criticism & yes, if the 'old man' would like to delegate, I
would be happy to do any grunt work that I can readily perform in my
particular environment. It's not only self interest talking here but
practicality & common sense.

The Samba thing is a part-time activity for me so progress is slower than I
would like. Eventually I hope to have FC3, Samba 3.0.14a with ldapsam, running
as PDC, supporting a mixture of WinXP Pro / Win XP Pro SP2 / Win2000 clients,
mixture of roaming and non-roaming profiles, PNP printing. I expect to
user the smbldap-tools to manage the LDAP directory. Other people are
interested in other configurations and would find it easier to contribute
stuff that is relevant to what they are doing.

I'm sure 'the old man' would find many willing hands out there - the challenge
is figuring out how to harness them.

Taso Hatzi

tr -d "blewky" <<-QWERTY
tabsol at kelemunnkari.dowzy.au

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