[Samba] Samba docs

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Mon May 9 02:19:11 GMT 2005

taso wrote:
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>> - That every single instance of Windows point-'n-click is reviewed.
>> Many of the step-wise instructions are simply not valid. At least,
>> they aren't for my XP Pro ws;
> My suggestion is to use audio & video clips to document procedures
> involving a GUI. It is truly painful documenting GUI dynamics on
> printed media. I think it's time we added another string to our
> documentation fiddle.   
> --
> Taso Hatzi

And you guys are volunteering?  The old man can't do it all by himself.  Why
don't you guys have a crack at doing some of the docs yourselves?  Misty
Stanley Jones has contributed a chapter, and she only started on this list
6/7 months ago....   It is possible to help as well as criticise.

Regards Geoff Scott

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