[Samba] auth methods and ads

Buozis, Martynas martynas at ti.com
Sun May 8 21:17:26 GMT 2005


Thanks for reply. I must temporarily run second samba instance on same
server but I must disable winbind authentication for this instance as
winbind should be valid only for first, original instance. And actually
second installation is not working with winbind authentication. At
present I am using "auth methods = guest sam ntdomain" and it looks like
working, but I am not sure if this is completely right So I want find
right way how to exclude winbind out of "auth methods". If you can help
me in this - I will highly appreciate your assistance, while I'll also
try to find right combination looking into source code.

With best regards
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Buozis, Martynas wrote:
| Hello
| What is sequence for "auth methods" running in ADS mode ? How I can 
| find this ?

It's undocumented on purpose.  The main explanation is in the source
code.  Are you sure you want to manipulate this setting?

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