[Samba] [Nearly Resolved] Samba-3 by Example, Ex 2.4

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sun May 8 13:13:23 GMT 2005

Got it, now.  Thanks.

Eric Hines

At 05/08/05 00:02, you wrote:
>On Saturday 07 May 2005 20:18, Eric Hines wrote:
> > The man page on smb.conf (version 3.0.14a) says that %S is the service
> > name.  You're saying that the meaning of the macro has evolved to
> > (DOMAIN|SERVER)\username.  If this means that %S is
> > (DOMAIN|SERVER)\service, then I can see that service name and username
> > would rarely match, and so %S would fail (so why would it work in a
> > domain?)  But if it really is (DOMAIN|SERVER)\username, then why does it
> > fail at all?  Is this the slightly more restricted use to which you alluded
> > below?  Or is the deduction of the user name from the service to run down
> > the list of valid users/groups to find a match with the user name/group
> > that was used for the login to the share?
> >
> > Obviously I'm still missing something....
>The user name string is no longer just the user login ID but now in many
>places includes the domain or server name as I mentioned. %S is the service
>name. In the case of the homes meta-service the service name (share name) and
>the user name should be the same.
>It is no longer possible to use the %S macro as a valid user parameter.
>The alternative means of access control on a share includes:
>         1. Share ACLs (set using the NT4 Domain Server Manager or using the
>                 Windows XP Pro MMC Computer Managment tool)
>         2. Directory access controls using either UGO (user,group,other) 
> or ACLs.
>- John T.

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