[Samba] Re: roaming profiles problem for new users

Michal Kurowski mkur at poczta.gazeta.pl
Sat May 7 12:51:36 GMT 2005

Eric Hines [eehines at comcast.net] wrote:
> This isn't entirely fair.  There are three kinds of newbies, and I'll say 
> for the purposes of this thread that newbies also may be new to Linux/UNIX, 
> not just to Samba


> For all that, we in this third kind of newbie, get lumped in with the first 
> kind, and our problems get utterly ignored.  

Beautiful ;-)

Seems there's no hope for people "new" to standard unix command switches ...

Michal Kurowski
<mkur at poczta.gazeta.pl>

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