[Samba] Win9x via Kix unable to get extended user attributes

Ade Fewings ade at bangor.ac.uk
Sat May 7 12:28:07 GMT 2005

Hi all,

In trying to upgrade Samba here, I have built various versions from 
3.0.11 to 3.0.14a using various versions of gcc and the Sun compiler 
(this is on Solaris SPARC) and had the following problem in all cases.  
Running the built samba as a logon server, I find that WinXP clients 
work fine but Win9X clients have some difficulties.  The problem is that 
the Win9X logon script can't get user attributes beyond userid, such as 
group and full name data.  This obviously creates problems for the logon 
script execution. 

We use kix for logon script purposes but I don't think that is relevant, 
as this problem did not occur with earlier Samba3 builds.  I've read 
somewhere that Win9X uses RPC to acquire such data (whereas XP does it 
another way) but am not really sure of how to go about diagnosing what 
the problem is.  Can anybody offer any guidance?  It would be much 


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