[Samba] USRMGR issues, net rpc ... OK

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Fri May 6 16:13:13 GMT 2005

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Re: [Samba] USRMGR issues, net rpc ... OK

> Did you follow the book "Samba-3 by Example"? It is available from:
> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/Samba-Guide.pdf

Yes, a printed copy is on my desk.

> PS: Did you execute: smbpasswd -w 'secret'
> where 'secret' is the access password to your LDAP server?

Yes.  I'm just not clear on why net rpc user ... commands work, but usrmgr 
doesn't.  The "Stronger Authentication Required" error must be from 
OpenLDAP, so I guess I'll have to review my ACLs again.



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