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Bob McIlvaine suemac at empire.net
Fri May 6 11:22:41 GMT 2005


I have the similar issues with OpenBSD and 
Samba. I've detailed the revs in previous posts 
to the newsgroup.

In my case one device, a Audiotron, can stream 
wav files fine from a windows share on a 
windows box, but not from a Samba share. 
Windows boxes can stream fine from the same 
Samba share.

My attempts at oplock, etc. have had no effect.

If you figure this out please let me know your 

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> Subject: [Samba] Strangely slow tranfers 
speeds with samba 3.0.10 and
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> Ok, I've found some references to this issue 
with samba on the net, but
> not
> related to the version of samba I'm running 
(which is 3.0.10, updated
> version that comes with Fedora Core 3).
> My problem is this, I've got a Compaq Proliant 
2500 (dual Pentium
> Pro-200MHz
> with 256MB RAM and the standard 
Netintelligent 10/100 network controller
> that come with it)... I've narrowed down that 
hardware isn't a problem
> because I can get a comfortable 9 MB/s 
transfer rate from this machine
> using
> FTP.
> My problem is Samba, more specifically 
reading a file from a samba share.
> I
> can read a 350 MB file at a horrendously slow 
speed of 0.85MB/s, it
> takes
> more than 10 minutes for the file to be 
transferred, when I use a Windows
> XP
> or Windows 2000. If I use Windows 98 it takes 
just over 2 minutes.
> Now, the strange thing is that if I log into my 
samba server, mount a
> volume
> from my Windows (2k/XP) PC with smbmount 
and copy the file to the mount
> point, it takes just over 2 minutes. If I write to 
the samba server (copy
> a
> files from the windows (98/2k/XP) PC to the 
samba server) it takes just
> over
> 2 minutes. In these situations the transfer rate 
is about 5MB/s.
> So the problem is specifically Windows 2000 
or XP reading from the Samba
> server. I've seen a reference to a problem 
similar to this but the
> person
> was using samba 2.2, incidentally I have an old 
Samba 2.2 (RH7.2) on the
> network (which I was hoping to replace) that 
does not suffer this problem,
> I
> can't compare the rates as the hardware is 
much inferior (a
> Pentium-133MHz
> with 32MB RAM) but the read and write 
speeds are similar and it takes
> just
> over 3 minutes to read a 350MB file with 
Windows 2k/XP clients, so it's
> a
> lot faster than the Proliant 2500!
> I've tried disabling oplocks, switching NetBIOS 
off (using just TCP/IP),
> doubling the send and receive buffers, etc... all 
to no avail!
> Any help would be most appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter.

Bob "Mac" McIlvaine
36 Parker Rd.
Brookline, NH 03033
Phone: 603-673-5861
e-mail: suemac at empire.net

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