[Samba] create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID

Stefan Sabolowitsch Stefan.Sabolowitsch at feltengmbh.de
Fri May 6 07:39:57 GMT 2005

Hi List,

I have here following:

OS = RHEL Clone 4
Samba = 3.01014

Now to the problem.
I have here two NT domains to trust itself.
In domain 1 there are Samba V3.0x (RHEL4) and in domain 2 Samba V2.21.

security = DOMAIN
password server = (NT SV)

no winbind

In domain 1 on a NT PDC there is the software Arcserve.
In Arcserve there is a job, which is to copy (Samba Share) something from
Samba domain 2 to Samba domain 1.

I can select the files in the Shares with Arcserve without problems,
start i however the job get i the following error message.

May  6 09:04:35 sfe002 smbd[7709]: [2005/05/06 09:04:35, 0]
May  6 09:04:35 sfe002 smbd[7709]:   create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map
SID S-1-5-21-2063521273-132496769-2852514901-2000 to uid or gid.

I did not have this problem still before a few days. Because here domain 1
had also a Samba 2.x

Only as in domain 1 the RHEL4 with Samba 3.x was installed gives it this

Possibly an idea?

Thanks for each assistance


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