[Samba] Browsing Problem on Samba 3.0.14 -Repost-

Christoph Herdeg c.herdeg at web.de
Thu May 5 22:27:43 GMT 2005

Hello Experts,

I have a severe Problem with my current samba installations. Here in my
Home-Office networt I have a dual-CPU machine with Debian Sarge, hosting
some samba 3.0 shares and as well being a host for 4 vmware-sessions (Vmware
Workstation v4.52, with 3xServer2003 and 1xXPpro). As well I have a separate
raid5-server with samba 3.0 in the exakt same configuration (of course all
parameters except the hostname etc.).

>From all "real" machines in my network I am able to access all samba shares
without any hassle. 

But if I try to use a samba share from one of the vmware-machines (which are
connected to the network using the "bridged network" config), I will be able
to connect to it and to see the three upmost levels of the contained folders
and files (like \\Servername\Sharename\1stLevel\2ndLevel\3rdLevel ).

But if I then try to access the "3rdLevel"-Folder, it takes minutes and
finally gives an error like "no access to 3rdLevel, you eventually don't
have the right to access this ressource...bla...bla...The network name is no
longer available". This happens if I try to access the share by connecting
it to al local driveletter as well when trying to type
\\Servername\Sharename to explorer-windows - no difference in behaviour.

The funny thing is, that I can access the share on the raid5-server without
any problems from everywhere.

Does anyone 'round here experience the same problem and does anyone have a
quick solution?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Best Regards,

Yours Sincereley





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