[Samba] browsing/nmbd problem - OS X

David P. Goldenberg goldenberg at biology.utah.edu
Thu May 5 18:51:26 GMT 2005

	The problem I described in my post yesterday turns out to have a 
simple to implement, but difficult to explain, solution.  Changing 
the network mask on the OS X server running Samba, from 
to seems to have solved the problems.  What is hard to 
understand, though, is that both the server and client had IP 
addresses that should have been reached using the original mask.

Anyway, I'm sorry if anyone has wasted time on the original question.

David Goldenberg

On 5/4/05, David P. Goldenberg wrote:

>	I would be very grateful if anyone could give me a bit of help 
>with this.  I am trying to run Samba 3.0.5, as distributed with Mac 
>OS X server 10.3.8, on an Apple Xserve.  Things were working 
>beautifully until I had problems with an IP address change and had 
>to reinstall everything.
>At present, the situation seems to be that the smb protocol is 
>operating, since I can make an smb connection from either a Windows 
>client or a Mac client, provided I specify the IP address of the 
>server.  But, the server does not show up for browsing on either the 
>Windows or Mac clients.  This I could live with, but the real 
>problem is that I want to use the server as a PDC, and it is not 
>recognized by the clients.


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