[Samba] New/Changed users can't login to samba PDC

David Nagel nagel at ursu.uregina.ca
Thu May 5 16:41:51 GMT 2005


     I'm running Samba 3.0.9 on SuSE Enterprise Linux Server 9.0.  
Samba is acting as a PDC for Win2K/XP systems. I upgraded this system  
from samba 2.x running on  Mandrake 10. I brought over the old  
smbpasswd file. Domain logons work just fine. Today I changed a users  
password with smbpasswd and now they can't logon to any domain member  
workstation. I also created a new user and they are unable to logon  
as well.

     I can connect to shares with "net use X: /USER:DOMAIN\user \ 
\computer\share" so it looks like the password changed just fine.  
Can't figure out why it won't allow domain logons.

     Some of the things that I have tried so far... I converted  
smbpasswd to the new format. I changed the passdb backend from  
smbpasswd to tdbsam. Other useful info...  I'm not using LDAP to  
store UNIX user accounts. I'm using flat files (/etc/passwd & /etc/ 

David Nagel
Information Services Manager - University of Regina Students' Union
Regina, SK, S4S-0A2, Phone: (306) 586-8811 Ext. 208

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