[Samba] The 'nobody' account (mapping not found for gidNumber: 99)

Ian Clancy clancyian at cel.ie
Wed May 4 23:22:07 GMT 2005

I am using a samba domain controller with an LDAP backend. I am also 
using samba domain controllers with this setup similar to those 
described in the 'Domain Members, Updating Samba and Migration' chapter 
of the Samba By Example book.
On the domain member servers winbind stores the UID<->SID in the Idmap 
section of the directory. This appears to be working correctly, however 
i think there is a problem with the nobody account that is present on 
the local system (in /etc/passwd) and the nobody account in the 
Directory (as created by smbldap-populate). I see the following entry 
reported in log.winbindd

> [2005/05/05 00:18:25, 0] sam/idmap_ldap.c:ldap_get_sid_from_id(525)
>   ldap_get_sid_from_id: mapping not found for gidNumber: 99

I understand the winbind does not like the fact that there are two 
nobody accounts on the system. Does anybody know a workaround for this 
problem ?. I don't think it is a good idean to delete either of the acounts.
Any idea's, comments welcome  ?

Ian Clancy
IT Systems Engineer
Connaught Electronics Ltd.
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Co. Galway,

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