[Samba] Groupmapping trouble

Dennis Bieling dennis.bieling at epigenomics.com
Wed May 4 16:15:52 GMT 2005


I have some strange problems with groupmappings not getting applied to
users. A unixgroup sysadmin is mapped to "Domain Admins":

# net groupmap list | grep Domain
Domain Admins (S-1-5-21-3620518786-2721234145-2310544554-512) -> sysadmin

"#net rpc user INFO bieling" gives me the same groups as "groups
bieling" would give me on the shell. Sysadmin is one of them.

So far so good. Logging in with a Windows XP Client which is a memeber
of the Domain will not apply the Administrator rights. The control
pannel shows "Domain Admins" as a member of "Administrators"
which seems to be fine.

When I try a reverse mapping on the sysadmin group using the net
command:  net groupmember LIST sysadmin
no entries will be displayed.

Any hints on that?

Best regards

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