[Samba] the profiles keeps mapping!

Michael Wray mwray at aimconnect.com
Wed May 4 13:13:58 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 7:36 am, Guido Lorenzutti wrote:
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> >tir, 03.05.2005 kl. 20.49 skrev Guido Lorenzutti:
> >>>>The problem is that i don't know why when a user logs in it gets mapped
> >>>>a network share of his remote profile. I wan't to stop this.
> >>>
> >>>You mean you want to stop roaming profiles for users?
> >>>
> >>>--Tonni
> >>
> >>Nop, i just want to NOT see the "logon drive" on "my pc" on windows. If
> >>a define
> >>
> >>logon drive = G
> >>
> >>On windows i have the G: drive with my profile. And...
> >>
> >>logon drive =
> >>
> >>(nothing)
> >>
> >>On windows, i have the Z: drive with my profile.
> >>
> >>I just don't wan't the ANY_LETTER: drive mapped on windows.
> >
> >Oh. Write a logon script for each user, using, for example, 'net use z:
> >/delete' for each drive letter that's mapped and you don't want to see.
> >Actually, the profiles share should not be mapped anyway. If you don't
> >have a profiles share, the profiles will get put in the user's home
> >directory, which you probably don't want.
> >
> >--Tonni
> Im doing this. The profile is mapped even if i use the "net use drive:
> /delete". Even if i set another share to map to this drive letter! I
> need the profile share because im using roaming profiles.
Keep in mind, that even if you do a net use drive: /delete, the Explorer will 
still show the drive mapping from it's cache, and won't remove it 
automatically. Windows cache's drive mappings across reboots, even if you 
have told it to remove them. It won't stop attempting to connect until you 
click the don't map this drive anymore option on a reboot "failed" to connect 
startup. So to truly get rid of a drive mapping is a pain, at least in 2k and 
up.   I have drive mappings show up in "My Network Places" for shares that 
haven't existed in two years, nor have they been connected to.

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