[Samba] the profiles keeps mapping!

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Wed May 4 12:38:40 GMT 2005

Thomas Widhalm wrote:

>>Oh. Write a logon script for each user, using, for example, 'net use z:
>>/delete' for each drive letter that's mapped and you don't want to see.
>>Actually, the profiles share should not be mapped anyway. If you don't
>>have a profiles share, the profiles will get put in the user's home
>>directory, which you probably don't want.
>Unfortunately I got a similar problem, since I updateded my Samba Server the
>last time. I used the z: drive for a share with offline- available versions
>of desktop and "my files" (I hope it's correct, I just use German Windows,
>where it's "Eigene Dateien"). Since the last update my "home" share gets
>mapped to z:, overwriting the already mapped z: drive. I just did a
>workaround with setting my own desktop/myfiles share to y:, but as Guido I
>just don't want my home share get mapped.

I found some kind of "solution". I set my "logon drive" to C: and i edit 
with the pdbedit to every user the home drive to C: and i don't see 
anymore the profile mapped to a drive in the windows... but.. these SUCKS.

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