[Samba] Creating a BDC

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed May 4 12:40:54 GMT 2005

> Forgive my ignorance as I plumb the depths of this issue.  OK, there is no BDC 
> in a Windows 2003 Server environment.  What, then, takes the place of a BDC?  

An active directory server.

> Can I somehow replicate the Windows LDAP directory to a Samba box and have 
> that as a back-up system authentication mechanism if the win2k3 server is 
> down?  

No,  you cannot replicate AD to anything but AD and Samba doesn't to AD
domain control even if you could.

> Adding another win2k3 server, or getting rid of the current win2k3 
> server are not options.  I'm just looking to ensure that I have no service 
> interruptions here.

If you stick with an AD domain you have no choice but to put in a
'backup' AD server.
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