[Samba] Unstable connection to AD

Roland Carlsson roland at alfa-moving.se
Wed May 4 06:38:39 GMT 2005


We got a problem when authenticating our user on our samba-server. It seems
like the connection to our ADS drops now and then. When being up it runs
very nice.

Running "getent passwd" works well and also seems to establish the contact
again for a while, atleast winbind stops reporting that users doesn't exist.

We have reasonally had reason to reboot our firewall because the new version
of Azurius seems to overload it. But now there aren't any torrents running
at all and the problem with samba continues.

We have updatated to the lastest patches on our ADS ( 2003). But there are
no related messages in the Eventlog.

Right now I have added a cronjob that runs getent passwd once every minute
but that doesn't seems like the ideal solution.

Does anyone have any idea about what could cause this kind of problem? We
have run out of ideas.

Thanks in advance
Roland Carlsson

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