[Samba] Migrating roaming profiles to samba

Carlos Rodrigues carlos.efr at mail.telepac.pt
Tue May 3 15:01:43 GMT 2005


I have an Windows 2003 with Active Directory providing authentication to 
the network, and a SUSE box providing file services (currently hosting 
the users' homes).

Now I want to migrate the roaming profiles from the Windows 2003 box to 
the SUSE box, but it is proving difficult.

I copied a profile folder for a test user to the SUSE box and changed 
its permissions to give ownership back to the user, but after changing 
the users' profile path in AD, Windows clients say they can't use the 
profile (the share is accessible to the user though).

My samba configuration isn't using winbind, its using kerberos + local 
ldap authentication.

Can this be a permissions problem? Do I need to run winbind to be able 
to do this? I thought roaming profiles were little more that normal 

Carlos Rodrigues

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