[Samba] slow access while crossmounting samba

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Tue May 3 15:18:59 GMT 2005

I've got two linux machines with the same distribution and samba 3 that 
cross-mounts a share (i.e., machine a mounts a share of machine b and vice 
versa). I'm experiencing slow access from the machines to the opposite 
mounted share and I don't know what this slow performance can be due to. I'm 
not running with oplocks cause the share is accessed only by the other linux 
machine (no windows clients) and oplocks produced a few problems with my 
database indexes (dataflex) in the past. Thus oplocks and level2oplocks are 
disabled. The following is a part of my configuration file:

   comment       = database
   path          = /vol1/sys/
   writable      = yes
   browsable     = no
   available     = yes
   public        = yes
   printable     = no
   guest ok      = yes
   copy          = lock_template
   guest account = smb_guest
   read raw      = yes

where the lock_template is the following:

        locking           = no
        posix locking     = yes
        oplocks           = no
        level2 oplocks    = no

As you can see I've tried also read raw, but I didn't see any difference. Any 


Luca Ferrari,
fluca1978 at infinito.it

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