[Samba] net getlocalsid problem ???

Phil Dawson phil.dawson at gedys.co.uk
Tue May 3 14:28:50 GMT 2005

Hi List,

I'm currently migrating from win2000 to linux ( samba 3.0.10-1.4E ). 

Windows Box Name = TESTPDC
Linux Box = LINUXPDC

I have joined the windows pdc from the linux box.  Next I use: net getsid 
-S TESTPDC -W TESTDOMAIN which puts my SID in secrets.tdb.  All is fine 
here.  Next I use net getlocalsid which gives me an error so I use net 
getlocalsid TESTDOMAIN which gives me the correct SID.  I then use net 
setlocalsid <SID INSERTED HERE> which sets the SID as expected.  I then 
use net getlocalsid which gives me:

SID for domain LINUXPDC is: S- ..... etc

Does anyone know why this is showing LINUXPDC as my domain and not 

In my smb.conf I have

workgroup = TESTDOMAIN
netbios name = LINUXPDC

Any help would be appreciated,


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