[Samba] Problem with multi-user accessing Access DB

TMSIII tms3 at fsklaw.com
Tue May 3 13:12:49 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:

>> Can you offer any solutions as to how we can establish our Access DB for
>> multi-users.
> Have you perused around the oplock related parameters in the smb.conf 
> man page?
The easiest way to deal with access problems is to have an access share 
and use the force user =      in the smb.conf.  If not practicable, then 
ACL's are the best way.  A chmod -R 777 on the access db directory 
should clear up the problem, but often the culprit is the .ldb file.  I 
suppose a cron job every so often would suffice.


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