[Samba] nscd, ldap and the root/Administrator account

Ian Clancy clancyian at cel.ie
Tue May 3 10:55:22 GMT 2005

I'm using Samba 3 as a PDC with an Openldap backend and  also have a 
number of Samba domain member servers that lookup the ldap directory for 
their account information. I use ssh to perform various administration 
tasks. There is an account called Administrator in the LDAP directory 
that has a UID of 0 . However, after nscd has been started, the next 
time i login to one of the member servers using the root account my 
username is reported as Administrator and not as root as expected. This 
causes various issues with ssh keys etc..

I have the following lines in my nsswitch.conf file.

> passwd:     files ldap
> shadow:     files ldap
> group:      files ldap
grepping the output of 'getent passwd' for x:0:

> root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash
> Administrator:x:0:5001:Netbios Domain 
> Administrator:/home/Administrator:/bin/bash

When i stop the nscd service the behaviour of the system returns to normal.
I apologise if this topic is not directly samba related. However, i'm 
sure somebody else must have come accross this behaviour.


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