[Samba] User gets access denied after changed AD password

Wayne Rasmussen Wayne at gomonarch.com
Mon May 2 19:20:24 GMT 2005

Have a situation that just started.  

AD Server as PDC:  Windows 2003/2000 server
User's PC:  Windows XP Pro
Server:  Solaris 9, samba-3.0.10 for AD.

This user has been working fine the past 90 days until today when he is
forced due to AD password aging rules to enter a new password to logon
to his AD Domain.  Since this change, he is unable to map drives to the
Sun Server.  new view //server is getting error 5 (IIRC, invalid

Is there something caching the password on the sun side?  It should be
using the AD for this...

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