[Samba] browsing via vpn problem

Markus Powell markus.powell at cins.co.uk
Mon May 2 15:23:59 GMT 2005

Hi, I've got a small problem that has been driving me nuts over the last
couple of days.

I have a Samba (v3.0.11 on linux 2.4.21) server that is connected to the
internet and has all smb and netbios ports firewalled.  Access is provided
via a OpenVPN tunnel interface with all traffic going through there.
Clients get a /30 address with a route to the server.  I have enabled WINS
and the servers netbios name resolves with a ping and I can connect to a
share via the NET command with no problems (on a windows 2000 machine).

I put the interfaces and bind interfaces only lines with the range of the
private vpn but am having problems with browsing not working, the local
machine shows up in the network neighbourhood but the server is missing.

I think I've managed to track it down to Samba giving the non accessible
public IP address of the server for the WORKGROUP master browser (type 1B)
when I look at the netbios cache via nbtstat -c.  Also WORKGROUP group
(type 1E) is giving an address is this normal?

my smb.conf is:

interfaces =
bind interfaces only = true
wins support = true
dns proxy = false
workgroup = WORKGROUP
announce as = NT
announce version = 5.2
domain master = yes
local master = no

Have I made a fundemental setup error? if anyone can help it would be much


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