[Samba] My public folder is not public

"Raúl D. Pittí Palma" rdpitti at globaltecsa.com
Mon May 2 14:52:33 GMT 2005

look in chapter one of ther samba guide, page number 8 (pdf document 
page 40), and look for the usage of sticky bit (chmod -R 
ug+rwxs,o-w,o+rx /YOURDIR).  with this, and the force  user and force 
group mentioned by Mark, your problems should go away.
Hope this help!

Mark Cooke wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-05-01 at 16:38 -0300, Hernani Donato wrote:
>>available = yes
>>browseable = yes
>>comment = public folder
>>guest ok = yes
>>path = /home/public
>>read only = no
>>writable = yes
>>The problem is:
>>The user Bob open any folder located in publica share, then create a
>>new folder and insert new content.
>>The user Magie open the folder created by Bob and your content is
>>invisible for Magie and others users. Only Bob can view the
> See 'force user' and 'force group' for one possible solution, if you
> don't want to retain ownership information.
> On our temporary data transfer shares I just force a common owner for
> the files.  Works a treat.
> Alternatively, you can use the 'create mask' and 'directory mask' to
> ensure the defaults allow group/other access too.
> Cheers,
> Mark

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