Michael Joyner mjoyner at vbservices.net
Mon May 2 12:19:35 GMT 2005

After testing my W2K3 SP1 terminal server against a SAMBA server *AND* a 
W2K server, I have noticed the following *odd* behavior.

LOGIN: Map drive letters
LOGOUT: Connections are still connected. on BOTH W2K and SAMBA file servers.

LOGIN: Map drive letters
LOGOUT: Now you have TWO sets of connections still connected for the one 

REPEAT: For each time you repeat the above procedure, you end up with 
"persistent" connections from the W2K3 SP1 system! Now imagine a system 
with 50+ users logging in and out all day long!

If you REBOOT the W2K3 SP1 system, all the connections are properly 

If you run net use * /delete /yes, all the connections are properly 

PROBLEM: This causes "resource exhaustion" on the SAMBA server. (And 
probably on the W2K server as well, haven't tested it that far yet.)

MITIGATION: I added a policy that runs the following command on user logout:

net use * /delete /yes

This seems to *mostly* elimate the persistent, resource exhausting, and 
totally useless connections.

Is this a W2K3 SP1 bug?
An intentional change in behavior?

Is there anything I can do on the SAMBA side to enable detection of 
these "should be disconnected" persistent connections for logged out 
users and elimate them?

(I tried deadtime=1 and keepalive=1, but they stay connected anyways).

Michael Joyner/System Administrator
Edward Waters College

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