[Samba] smbclient - recently broken?

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun May 1 12:49:00 GMT 2005

søn, 01.05.2005 kl. 11.08 skrev Jeremy Allison:

> > Using Samba 3.0.11, "dir" immediately returns all files and folders;
> > Using 3.0.14 "dir" hangs and never returns anything. Connecting to a 
> > share of smaller size works normally.
> > 
> > Drat, I installed 3.0.14 on the test rig yesterday and everything else 
> > works fine. Now I've reverted to 3.0.11.
> > 
> > 3.0.11 is being run in production at a site with 75+ Win 2000 
> > workstations, RHEL3 Update 4,  I administer and gives no problems with 
> > anything.
> Before I left for germany I tested a XP SP2 client serving a
> directory with 6000 files with smbclient - all files were
> listed correctly. If you're having problems with 3.0.14a
> smbclient I'll need better info than this.

Understood, Jeremy. I'm perfectly happy with 3.0.11, I was simply
corroborating OP's findings in as much as I could.

3.0.15 is coming along: There's not much point in pursuing 3.0.14a. As
it happens, 3.0.15pre2 gives much worse problems than 3.0.14a; my XP Pro
(unpatched) ws (100Mb/s on a cross cable, so no network problems) 
continually loses network connections to the server. This is RHAS3
update3. I take it that: either others will have the same problem, or:
it's a quirk with my test server. I'm waiting to see what other RHAS2,
Centos, White Hat, whatever people report. It's too premature to report
it as a bug.

All versions are installed from official Samba srpms.

Best and thanks for a fine product :)


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