[Samba] exclude_dir option for VFS recycle module

Kevin Kobb kkobb at skylinecorp.com
Thu Mar 31 20:33:24 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I am testing the VFS recycle module, and have a question.

The module is working the way I hoped with the exception of the
exclude_dir option. I have an entry like:
exclude_dir = dir1  -- files I place in dir1 are not sent to the recycle
location. However, if I have a folder beneath dir1 like dir1/dir2, files
in dir2 get sent to the recycle location. I've tried using wildcards in
my smb.conf like exclude_dir = dir1/*, exclude_dir = dir1*, and other
combinations, but still can't get it to work.

Can somebody advise me if this is an intended mode of operation, a bug,
or a configuration error on my part?

I am using Samba 3.12 on 5.3-RELEASE-p6.


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