[Samba] Re: Primard Domain Controller feature not working

Mark Ratering thinkaboutit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 19:19:18 GMT 2005

I have done a bunch of research and i can find nothing.  I read
O'reilly's "Using Samba" from cover to cover.  I still cannot fix this
stupid error that happens when i attempt to add a computer to the

I go to system properties, to computer name tab, click the button to
change hostname and domain/workgroup membership, type in the domain
name and then i get a box requesting that i enter the username and
password of a user who has right to add a user to the domain.  I tpe
in root and the root password and i get this error: "The user name
could not be found". When i try a username that i know does not existi
get: "Logon failure: unknown username or bad password".  My
configuration is the same as it was in the original email.


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