[Samba] Guide for Idmap on LDAP.

Meli Marco Marco.Meli at gknsintermetals.com
Thu Mar 31 18:46:53 GMT 2005

It's very kind of you, I will wait your email.
To answer you about the previous message:
No I don't have initialized the LDAP server as you have mentionated in the
chapter 6 because I tought that it was not necessary  if I want only to
store the Idmap resolution and neither I have to include the samba.schema in
slapd.conf file also because I don't want to replicate the users on the
samba server but only resolve them.
Yes, I have smbpasswd -w secret, the same password for the ldap entry with
Aniway all is born because I would like to use the LDAP only for Idmap
backend since every time I have to change samba release with tdb files,
samba changes the users and groups resolution or better the ADSLDAP or
NT4SAM source account change.
So if there is a method to made this relocation clearly I will appreciated
it since I use also the ACL features and setting them everytime is a lot of
work, but I'm also interest into LDAP.
Thanks a lot.
marco.meli at tiscalinet.it  


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