[Samba] Re: Problem with pdf printing (SOLVED)

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Thu Mar 31 11:24:41 GMT 2005


Luca Olivetti wrote:
> Vincent Mikalinis wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Has anyone figured out why some people are not having a problem with
>> similar configurations, however some people require that we add the "lpq
>> command = /bin/true" line?  It is a very good and simple solution. 
>> Should all pdf printers be set with this option for future reference?
> I don't know, but I bypassed the problem by using a pdf backend in cups 
> (which is really a simple shell script that I tailored to my needs), so 
> even the pdf printer is a "normal" cups printer.

Somebody called "misty" said the same thing in IRC #samba yesterday, but 
they had to run before they could show me the contents of the file. 
Would you mind sending this to the list? I think it is still at least 
slighlty "on-topic".

The person on IRC said they then have another cron job that goes and 
emails the so created pdf every 5 minutes to the users that created 
them. For one situation here that would be THE ideal solution. So if 
misty or anybody else that happens to have the same solution wouldn't 
mind emailing me the details for that, that would be really appreciated.


Urs Rau

> Bye

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