[Samba] Does SAMBA ever work with 2003 Server native mode ADS?

eric roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Wed Mar 30 18:26:11 GMT 2005

Dave Rutlidge wrote:
> I posted a query re a problem I was having getting SAMBA to authenticate
> using a Windows 2003 Server ADS and got no reply. Also, I've searched
> the web (before posting) and no one else had a reply to any similar
> question.
> Does SAMBA actually work with 2003 ADS at all or am I flogging a dead
> horse?
> Getting no reply is a real bummer.  At least getting "forget it!" means
> I don't waste more time looking for the issue.
> Has ANYONE got SAMBA to work with 2003 Server in native mode? How?
Yes, I just tested it in a 2003 native mode domain.  I can "net ads 
join", and auth-n a user using krb5 with MD5.
> If it doesn't work using Kerberos, is there another way?
I recommend to new users to start by configuring Samba with 
"security=domain", to ensure that they get Samba itself working 
correctly before going to Kerberos.  Yes - Samba will work using NTLM in 
native mode.  You might have to change your domain security policy to 
accept NTLM.  You can also just \\ipaddress\sharename when 
"security=ads" and it should fall back to NTLM.  Assuming your domain 
add worked okay.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers.
Sorry I will not be around to help, leaving for vacation for 10 days.
> One very struggling SAMBA mewbie :((

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