[Samba] Windows XP & greyed-out Guest user password prompt

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Mar 30 08:23:02 GMT 2005

Jules Agee:

> (replying to self again)
> Update:
> The Windows XP (SP2, BTW) client tries three times to log in to the
> Samba server with the Windows username, which is different from the
> Samba username. As one would expect, Samba replies to each of the three
> requests with a "STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD" message, and in the same packets
> the Action segment reads 0x0001 "Guest: Logged in as GUEST". If a new XP
> user is created with the same username and password as the Samba account,
> the problem goes away. But if either the XP username or the XP password
> differs from Samba's info, the user is never prompted for the real
> username or password.

I don't understand. One either logs onto the domain (which has a name) or
onto the local machine (which has a different name). One can't logon to
both at the same time, the choice is given at logon time. The advantage of
the domain logon is, that users can move from machine to machine (for
example in a teachers' common room, as I have) and just carry on with
their work in a familiar environment. Why would you want to synchronize
local and domain accounts?

> Unfortunately, we have situations where the desired behavior is for
> Windows to allow the Samba username to be different from the Windows XP
> client username, and prompt for a different username if the
> currently-logged-in username/pw fails. Instead, XP forces a guest login.
> I'd think that this is purely a client issue, except that when I try
> this with a Windows 2000 server or a 2003 server, I'm prompted for a
> username AND password if the Windows XP uid/pw fails.
> For what it's worth, Samba returns "STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD" errors (even
> if the Samba user doesn't exist), while the Windows 2000 server returns



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