[Samba] Re: No vscan HOWTOs? should called how exclude pst files vscan clamav

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Mar 30 06:05:35 GMT 2005

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Hi Rainer,

Rainer Link schrieb:
| On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 11:28:13PM +0200, Robert Schetterer wrote:
|>Hi @ll,hi Andrew,Rainer
| You'd probably shoulnd't bug any Samba people with samba-vscan
| related configuration issues. They are busy enough :)

as i am too, but thats a list is for, so its a give and take
|>- ------
|>pdc:/home/danielop/outlook.pst # file -i ./Outlook.pst
|>./Outlook.pst: application/octet-stream
|>- -----
| So, the MIME-type is actually "application/octet-stream", which is
| a generic type for anything binary and not recognized by file otherwise.
| Probably someone should try to add a real "pattern" to detect Outlook
| PST correctly (the idea has mentioned below already by someone else).

i thought like this, but where in hell should i define it
i found several mime convs on the system perl has one , cups apache
etc... , no idea which one is the the right to use it with vscan.

|>so i included this to  vscan-clamav.conf
|>- ---
|>; exclude files from being scanned based on the MIME-type! Semi-colon
|>; seperated list (default: empty list). Use this with care!
|>exclude file types = pst
|>- ----
| pst ist the file extension, not the MIME-type! Keep in mind you should
| never trust any file extension if you want to achieve virus protection
| (esp. to block files on SMTP layer). I won't repeat the reasoning
| behind, just do a google group search for "nick fitzgerald file
| extension" (a good hit is http://tinyurl.com/4nkv9).

yes ,your right but i think this is not the real problem in this case
cause in our case ( the outlook hell case ?*g ) we want to exclude one
file type and
every win client should have ( must ) a antivirus solution
have installed by its own anyway.So a virus should be found
even vscan fails.

So its better to have this filetype excluded and the pst working with
outlook typical redirected by group policy to the users home share
to make it work with roaming profiles and have the rest risk
that a virus stealth itself as pst file.
Cause for now there is no other solution as not to use vscan on the
whole share, which seems to me the badest option.
| Anyway, samba-vscan 0.3.7 will most likely ship with a feature to
| exclude files from scanning based on a regexp. The code is basically
| already in CVS, based on a contribution from a samba-vscan user.

thx for making this clear, perhaps i will give 0.3.7
a try on my test system, on produktion i will wait till it is
maintained by suse, but its good to here that the solution allready exists.

|>Munich / Bavaria / Germany
| Hum, that's not sooo far away :)

jep the world is village

Pfiadi Robert *g

| best regards
| Rainer Link

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