[Samba] Adminstrator Domain SID?

Doug Campbell doug at bpta.net
Wed Mar 30 04:57:26 GMT 2005

In the Samba How-To Chapter 13 it says:

The Administrator Domain SID
Please note that when configured as a DC, it is now required that an account
in the server's passdb backend be set to the domain SID of the default
Administrator account. To obtain the domain SID on a Samba DC, run the
following command:

root#  net getlocalsid
SID for domain FOO is: S-1-5-21-4294955119-3368514841-2087710299

You may assign the Domain Administrator rid to an account using the pdbedit
command as shown here:

root#  pdbedit -U S-1-5-21-4294955119-3368514841-2087710299-500 -u root -r

Question:  Is this information still valid after samba 3.0.11?  I didn't do
this but things seem to be working fine.  If the information is still valid,
what would not having it affect?

BTW, I am using the ldapsam backend.



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