[Samba] XP Pro and windows 98 clients on single samba 2.2 domain

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Tue Mar 29 23:34:15 GMT 2005


been running samba 2.2.3 (debian stable) and using it with windows 98
clients no problem.  domain logins, logon.bat and config.pol stuff all

the customer now wants to add XP Pro PC's to the domain.

now, after following the instructions in 'Using Samba' I have set up an
XP PC to log on to a test server.  once the PC has been added to the
domain the users can log in no problem.

however, how should i run win98 and XP clients at the same time on the
main server?

should i create 2 logins for each user?  one for when they are using a
win98 machine and the other for XP.  how would i stop users logging in
with the wrong login?

could the users use a single login? the logon.bat file seems to work the
same on both systems.  the profile data goes into /home/samba-ntprof for
XP and /home/user1/.win_profile for win98 so is kept separate enough.

also - since we're using poledit and not group policies i can set the
machines up to pickup one config.pol file for win98 and a different one
for XP.

apparently there will only ever be win98 and XP Pro on the domain - and
win98 is being phased out.  there are a pair of servers (one acts as a
hot-swap backup) so maybe that gives some options.

any help/comments grrrrratefully received.

Kevin Bailey

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