[Samba] 3.0.13 why is "lpq command=%p" showing with testparm -v ?

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Tue Mar 29 20:12:27 GMT 2005

the docs say that all lp.... commands are ignored if one has

printing =cups
printcap name=cups

in the global section and cups support is compiled in.

ldd `which smbd` says I do have cups compiled in and my global section 
does have the two cups lines.

But on 3.0.13 I get

testparm -s | grep lp
returns no output

testparm -s -v  | grep lp

lpq cache time = 30
lpq command = %p
lprm command =
lppause command =
lpresume command =

I understand that if I do testparm -v this also shows me the built-in 
defaults. Why does it only show %p for the lpq command and nothing else 
for the other lp.... commands?


Urs Rau

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