[Samba] Re: Problem with pdf printing

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Tue Mar 29 20:00:35 GMT 2005


Vincent Mikalinis wrote:
> Hello, 
> I'm hoping someone can help me.  I have several pdf printers set up and
> when I print to them samba becomes unstable and several errors are
> dumped to the log.  These pdf printers were working when I was using
> version 3.0.6.  When I went to a newer version of samba the queue would
> not clear on the windows side and no errors were logged.  Yesterday I
> upgraded to version 3.0.13-1 and the errors started and the queue still
> will not clear.

I have a very similar problem with my pdf printers. I have the following 
in my [global] section.
printcap name = cups
printing = cups
cups options = "raw"

and my pdf printer share now has
comment=PostScript to PDF Converter
guest ok=no
create mode=0600
print command=. /etc/sysconfig/rc.sysadm; \
  ulimit -c 0; \
  ulimit -S -d $PDF_MEM_LIMIT; \
  ps2pdf %s "%H/%J.pdf"; \
  chmod 640 "%H/%J.pdf"; \
  rm -f %s
lppause command=
lpresume command=
lpq command=lpq -P'%p'
lprm command=lprm -P'%p' %j
queuepause command=
queueresume command=

and it now shows the printer as online and the printjobs show up and get 
removed just as they should.

All it took to change the printer status displayed on the windows xp pro 
workstation from offline to online, was to add a "real" lpq command 
line, (lpq -P'%p'). Now all looks fine from the workstations viewpoint. 
BUT on the server I now have repeated entries of cups telling samba that 
it does not know the printer 'pdf'. Win one, loose one. ;-)

level 3 error msg
lpq: Unknown destination "pdf"!
[2005/03/27 22:20:00, 3] printing/print_generic.c:print_run_command(62)
   Running the command `lpq -P'pdf'' gave 1

I start to wonder what "dammage" it would do to set lpq to
lpq command =/bin/true
for my pdf printer? ;-)


Urs Rau

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