[Samba] apologies for duplicate posts - btw what's the real diff between gmane.network.samba.general and mailing.unix.samba?

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Tue Mar 29 19:37:23 GMT 2005

Sorry to those of you that have received duplicates of my messages over 
the easter weekend.

I had subscribed to the nntp server of my isp (pipex uk) and searched 
for "samba" it showed a few hits but "gmane.network.samba.general" 
showed as containing no posts but "mailing.unix.samba" showed a bit more 
than 20'000 so I subscribed to that and sent a slurr of messages with 
questions and followups to that newslist over the weekend, and my 
questions did show up in "mailing.unix.samba". But not having received a 
single answer by the end of the weekend I thought something was a little 

So I went to check the samba.org archives and found that my messages had 
not made it to the official mailing list nor to the email archives. 
That's when I started resending the relevant messages from the past few 
days but this time to "gmane.network.samba.general". So if some have 
seen my posts more than once, I am sorry, but at least I corrected my 
spelling in the second postings and did not resend the level 10 log of 
2.4MB. ;-)

What is the purpose or function of newsgroup "mailing.unix.samba"? And 
is it my ISPs fault that they only offer "mailing.unix.samba" for 
subscription and not "gmane.network.samba.general" and how do the two 
lists relate to each other? It would appear that at least some of the 
posts to "gmane.network.samba.general" do make it to 
"mailing.unix.samba" but no messages appear to travel the "other way".

Urs Rau

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