[Samba] Client Profile mistake

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Mar 29 09:39:06 GMT 2005

Norman.Trapp at objective-partner.de wrote:
> Hello,
> after our harwarechrash we had to change the serversystem to another 
> hardware.
> I copied all necessary samba files (I hope I did)  to the new hardware and 
> restarted Samba.
> Now when I try to log on the domain the client ist no longer trusted by 
> the domain.
> When I add the client to the domain to solve these problem, I get an new 
> profile after login.
> And this is my problem. All our client-users are mobile user, they all 
> have local profiles.
> And the need ther profiles back. They don't accept new profiles.
> So what do I have to do to use our old profiles.

http://msmvps.com/clustering/archive/2004/10/06/15096.aspx ?

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Mmm, my bit destroyer is broken, and I'm not sure if I'm the intended 
recipient, what should I do now?

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