[Samba] Quick question on partition and shares

Jason jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Mon Mar 28 17:57:20 GMT 2005

Hey everyone.

just a quick question. im working on setting up a samba server for our company 
here. I am using;

SuSe ES 9
samba 3.0.9

Now, I have roughly 56gigs to work with (should be more than plenty).

What I did was cut up the /home partition to have the majority of room. It has 
roughly 56gigs of space. I figured, since I am going to be allowing people to 
save to their home share, I could setup other shares in /home as well.

Would that be a bad thing? Would it be better to put it elsewhere? I know 
partitioning and share setup is a very personal thing, im just trying to 
figure out a general overall good setup.

Any feedback?



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