[Samba] Slow upload from dos with tcpip

Claudiu Grosaru cvg at csc-bv.ro
Mon Mar 28 15:58:26 GMT 2005


I try to replace an old '98 "server" wich keeps a common folder for 24 
verry old dos computers, with linux and samba.
I've instaled dos 6.22 and msnet with tcpip on one computer. I can map a 
network shared folder with "net use".
If I whant to download something from the mapped drive, the speed is ok, 
(7-8 seconds for 5 MB).
But the same file takes 4-6 minutes to be uploaded (copied) on the 
mapped drive.

This looks weird to me. I supposed that it could be a problem with the 
low memory (450 kb free after boot).
The network card is realtek 8139 10/100.

Please give me some sugestions. Even a little gain in uplod speed should 
be a success!

Thank You!
Claudiu G.

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