[Samba] BDC problem!? user can't get profile/map drive

Burhan Khalid samba at meidomus.com
Mon Mar 28 11:01:51 GMT 2005

Carmen Wai wrote:
> My problem is that when my PDC is down, my BDC can
> pick up the user authorization but is not able to help
> client to mount to the home directory. 
> I am using openldap to store user account, I found the
> samba home drive entry in the openldap as //PDC/homes.
> I don't know whether this prevent my BDC to help
> client to mount to the //BDC/homes instead...
> Do anyone know how to solve this??

My suggestion would be to offload your homes to an external device (such 
as a NAS-appliance) or another server and adjust your mapping 
accordingly.  This way, even if your PDC goes down, your homes are still 
up -- since they are on a separate machine, and the ldap information in 
the BDC will still be valid.


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